About Us

Paloma Model & Talent (PMT) is family-owned and operated by hard-working sisters and mothers Paloma Jackson and Alysa Brennan. We are thrilled to be running our own agency and have the opportunity to provide children and their parents with dedicated, responsive, considerate, experienced, and protective assistance in the entertainment industry. We are a full service agency, representing children commercially, theatrically, and in print. Since our inception in late 2011, PMT has grown to nearly 10 employees.

Our symbolic color is green for many reasons, one of which is our concern for our environment. PMT is doing our part by using electronic communication for almost all paperwork using our incredible website as the central point of contact with our talent and clients. PMT also supports clients that conduct their business with focused concern for the environment, sustainability, and fairness to their employees by discounting or forgoing agency income. If Alysa could change one thing about this industry, it would be how much people have to commute to get to auditions. She embraces video auditions and will continue to pursue alternatives to avoid long audition drives.

Accepted talent can read more about us, and lots more about expectations and working in the entertainment industry through their profile pages. To submit for representation, just click on the link on the main bar and follow the easy instructions. We are here to guide you through the exciting, though sometimes complicated and frustrating, world of entertainment employment. We have been told by our experienced talent that we provide way more information and support than any other agency.

If you become a member of our family, you not only gain our professional expertise and reputation, but you also become a member of a beautiful community of people. Our parents and talent share ideas, questions, laughter and support in an online forum that celebrates our successes and comforts those with industry and personal difficulties. Members of our community have even formed a non-profit together to help those in need, and we have worked alongside our activist members to help make the industry a safer place for our children. We look forward to sharing the joy of your child’s success while gently reminding you that ultimately life is about enjoying anything and everything – successful or not. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, the journey is the fun, not necessarily the destination.
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Paloma Jackson & Alysa Brennan
L to R standing: Dawn, Kristi, Geri, Melinda, Jennifer.
L to R seated: Elizabeth, Alysa, Paloma, Regina.
Photos courtesy of Julie Daniels, www.juliedanielsphotography.com

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