Fun With PMT

We like to think that this business brings joy to all, especially the talent, but we like to have fun at the office too! Now we’ll admit, sometimes Paloma and Alysa feel like killing each other!

But we are family and we always make up and remember the love!
Around the office, we are always singing and laughing, with most of us being divine musical theatre aficionados. We joke nearly daily that we need to start our own YouTube channel so we can share our fun side. Who knows when that will happen, but for now, have fun with these pictures! During our last staff event, we had a fun photo shoot courtesy of to show our “alter egos!” We hope you have as much fun viewing them as we did posing for them!

Thank you from our family to yours! Alysa, Paloma, Geri
We are family! I got all my sisters with me!