Staff Bios

Paloma brings years of experience, having been a well known and respected agent since 2004. She started working in the entertainment industry at the ripe old age of 5 when she booked a national “incredible, edible egg” commercial and became a rather successful childhood actor. Her involvement in the “other side” of show business began when her mother got Paloma’s babies an agent, just as she had with Paloma. Shortly thereafter, Paloma was asked by not one, but two, mainstream agencies to work as an agent after she became the talent liaison for a community group for multiples (Paloma has twins herself!) It is rare to find a casting director that does not know her name. Having an agency of her own now gives her the opportunity to do things her way – with utmost integrity and quick communication. As an owner, she is even more the hands-on agent she always has been. Her personal cell phone is always at the ready to take calls from talent or to text you to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity!

Alysa has been by Paloma’s side from the beginning, literally. Yes, she’s the older sister. Joking aside, Alysa insisted Paloma own her own agency and supported her from day one. She not only oversees accounting and the firm in general, but also meets most of the talent and currently handles the theatrical and commercial sectors for ages 5- 15. Alysa has worked in investment banking, has owned a successful photography business, built a sustainably-minded home, and enjoyed a long career in theatre, both onstage and as a director and choreographer. She has three kids of her own, as well as three cats, and loves getting away to the mountains. She has committed to a vegan diet and embraces ideals that leave a light footprint on our planet. If she weren’t doing this, she’d probably be an organic farmer.

Geri is the older, wiser sister to Paloma and Alysa, and proudly claims the titles of Chief Bookworm and Supreme Nerd. Although she started off with dreams of becoming a veterinarian, Reality reared its ugly head (bringing its teammates Cost of Advanced Education and Serious Competition), so she ended up with a degree in Biology instead. Graduation was followed by a series of jobs with the general title of laboratory technician. When the last lab job fell victim to a poor economy, Paloma offered her a job as her administrative assistant and the rest is history, as they say. Geri has evolved to the unofficial position of the Wearer of Many Hats and she loves it! She is passionate about animals, especially her beloved Corgis.

Regina is a Renaissance woman with a deep love for the arts. She was previously a dancer, actress, and choreographer who performed in such shows as De La Guarda in Las Vegas and dozens of musical theatre productions. She is also a former member of SAG, and appeared in The Mike Douglas Show, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, USA High, One From the Heart (directed by Francis Ford Coppola) and many after-school specials (remember those?) Some years ago, Regina embarked on a new path in medical sales and marketing and traveled the world in this career. She desired to return to her artistic roots in a way that would enable her to inspire and be inspired, and to help careers blossom. Joining PMT appeared to be a perfect fit, with its boutique nature, hard-working team, and open communication platform – a far cry from her experiences with her own agents years ago. Regina believes in balance of the mind, heart and body, and is a certified yoga instructor. She has come to realize that her experience as a performer, coupled with her extensive sales and marketing skills, have been the perfect background to get her here. And as she says, “She is exactly where she is supposed to be.”

Melinda has a B.S. in Child Psychology and a minor in Fashion Design from Liberty University. She starting working for PMT in 2014 as Paloma's assistant.  Working closely with Paloma, Melinda is involved in a wide range of day-to-day operations, mostly concerning the print sector. She has become something of a specialist in the modeling world for young children and also advises younger PMT talent on wardrobe selections for photo sessions. In her free time, Melinda enjoys spending time with her husband Robert and daughter Valentina. She enjoys travel, Disneyland, nature, family, her faith and helping others. Favorite quote? “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kristi started as PMT’s part-time accounting assistant in early 2014.  After juggling two jobs, her husband, and two SUPER busy teenage daughters for a little over a year, she joined the PMT staff full-time in the spring of 2015.  She currently handles accounting issues that arise from day to day and hopes to learn all facets of this industry. Kristi holds a B.S. in Accounting and passed the CPA exam in the hopes of a career in taxation. However, she was sidetracked when a friend needed help with their new business, and spent 15 years working at a specialty pharmacy that catered to AIDS/HIV patients across the country.  While she found that work very rewarding, Kristi loves helping your kids and seeing them succeed in this industry.  Kristi is the epitome of a soccer mom who loves the simple things in life: the sun, her jeans, flip-flops, and coffee.

Laura is a level 17 wizard specializing in illusion ma—wait, that’s not quite right... Laura is happy to be part of the PMT team! She recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biopsychology at CSUSM, where she also taught a class on the popular Hunger Games series. In addition to working as an Assistant at Paloma Model & Talent, Laura works in musical theater, as she has done since middle school. No... not another actress! She works backstage, operates the spots, and recently started working front of house, assisting audience members. When she has spare time, she enjoys sewing and costume design, reading works of fantasy and fiction, tabletop gaming, and cuddling cats.

Dawn has been with PMT since close to our inception and functions as our accounts manager. She contracts with several entertainment firms, providing her accounting assistance. She keeps PMT in line with accounting regulations and adds her own bit of flair to the office. She is an angel among us, a goddess hiding in plain sight. Oh, and she happens to be a fantastic singer on the side.

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